Welcome to Alpha Factor

The year is 2031. Thirty years ago, while cameras recorded every moment, we witnessed the dawn of the Delta age. Bouyed by a curtain of violet energy, the man we would later come to know as Polaris saved the World Trade Center from a cowardly terrorist attack.

In three decades since, Deltas have become a fact of every day life in the United States and around the world. Society has struggled to adapt as more and more have appeared. Deltas have been classified, and that system of classification has been perverted and subverted into a lazy threat level or rating system by the media and government. Deltas have face, and largely overcome, discrimination – at least, on the surface. Deltas have – by and large – learned to live with and within society, while society has for the most part learned to live with Deltas.

But this is not the story of Deltas.

Among Deltas are a handful of truly powerful beings. Like Polaris, the one who started is all thirty years ago, these few carry tremendous ability to affect the world around them. To those who view Deltas as a potential threat, these few are the greatest threat of all.


Alpha Factor is a spinoff of my original game, Delta Factor. Delta Factor featured formerly ordinary men and women just trying to get by in a world that wasn’t ready for them. They worked to find a place for themselves and their fellow Deltas, and to build lives, loves, and communities.

Alpha Factor is set in a more settled world. The men and women were once ordinary, as is true of all Deltas, but these do not struggle to find a place in the world. The men and women of Alpha Factor have already found their place. They still struggle to find lives and loves, but they do so knowing each of them stands at the pinnacle of Delta evolution. Their choices affect the fate of nations, of the entire world.

This is Alpha Factor.

Alpha Factor